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Statement on Clerical Behavior

  1. The UCTAA is concerned about the possiblity that some individuals ordained by the church may use abuse their position in the clergy by taking advantage of other people or by committing immoral acts. The UCTAA will not condone such activities nor participate in covering up.

  2. Each member of the UCTAA clergy is an independent individual and is completely responsible for his / her personal actions, activities, and behavior and for the consequences.

  3. Neither the Apathetic Agnostic Church, nor any Individual Synod or See, shall be responsible for the illegal, unlawful, or immoral behavior of a member of the clergy committed while performing as a clergy person.

  4. Since each clergy person is an independent unit, each clergy person shall be completely responsible for his or her own financial affairs.

  5. Neither the Church, nor any of the Synods or Sees, shall assume any financial or moral responsibility for debts, liabilities, or obligations incurred by an individual clergy person.

  6. Any actions by a member of the clergy which by their grievous nature, may be illegal or unlawful should be reported immediately to the appropriate civil or law enforcement agencies for investigation and legal action as necessary.

  7. Subsequent to reporting to the applicable civil authorities, we would appreciate it if any actions by a member of the clergy, which by their grievous nature, may be illegal, unlawful, or may cause harm to the reputation of the Apathetic Agnostic Church were reported to the Patriarch of the Church for evaluation and disposition.

  8. Censure or other formal reprimand of a member of the clergy, if necessary, shall be determined by the Patriarch of the Church and / or Council of Elders, as is deemed appropriate according to the circumstances of the individual case. Where necessary, particularly if necessary to protect potential victims, abuses will be reported to applicable civil agencies.

  9. The Apathetic Agnostic Church, Synods, and Sees assume no liability for any activities of the independent clergy that result in legal judgment or court action and shall not be held responsible for any monetary, property, or other settlement of such judgment, including, but not limited to, fines, levies, legal fees, court costs, and court granted awards.