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Discussion 5 to Talk Back 109
The truth is that God's so called perfect word is not perfect.

by: JT

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Your last communication claims that I cannot handle the truth. That's wrong; I have no problem with the truth; what I have problems with is those who try to hand me what they think is The Truth. And in general, those trying to sell The Truth seem incapable of backing up their claims with facts or logic. That applies to you, so far in this discussion.

But can you handle the truth about your beloved AV Bible, God's perfect word? I'll admit it's a masterpiece of 17th century English scholarship, but it is still 17th century English scholarship. Four full centuries of Bible study have occurred since it was published, and scholars have had access to ancient manuscripts and information not available to the committee which translated the KJV. And the KJV is recognized by thinking Christians to be outdated.

I'm not going to give you a detailed list - you can find numerous problems with the KJV on a simple internet search. All I need is a single issue and I'm going to refer to 2 Timothy 3:16-17 which you quoted in part (you really should quote full sentences) to support your claim that the KJV is God's perfect word.*

"All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works. " - 2 Timothy 3:16-17

I underlined the word perfect because it is a mistranslation of the Greek in the KJV. The word means perfect only when dealing with numbers in mathematics. Otherwise, the original Greek has the sense of competent or prepared.

Thus in this case, God's so called perfect word is not perfect.

You may regard this as a minor point and it is indeed minor amongst the numerous other issues can be raised about the KJV. But one and only one, however insignificant, is sufficient to destroy your claim of perfection.

And as you have chosen to build your case for your original message on the perfection of the KJV, and have refused to provide facts or logic to support your case, then it all collapses.

I will make one further point about Timothy. You are aware there are two books of Timothy in the Christian Bible, both supposedly letters written by Paul to Timothy. The opening verses to each letter make this claim. 2 Timothy is generally regarded as actually written by Paul. 1 Timothy, in line with about half the letters attributed to Paul, was almost certainly written by someone else. The opening verses attributing those forgeries to Paul are out and out falsehoods. Inclusion of these forgeries (which may have spiritual value, but don't have literal value) is not, of course, the error of the KJV translators, but is the error of early synods up to the Synod of Hippo in 393 AD which determined the writings to include in the Bible. The inclusion of forgeries in the Bible render ALL translations - not just the KJV - as clear evidence that the Christian Bible is NOT God's perfect word.

You have no case. You just have an unfounded unwarranted opinion.



* I would note that the passage you quote does not support your claim that the Bible is God's perfect word. It just claims inspiration by God, which leaves room for human error. In any event, even if it made such a claim, it would be a circular argument, just like Meditation 95 which was written to mock this very kind of claim.