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Discussion 4 to Talk Back 109
And over and over and over, an inability to answer the question

by: JT

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Leeon – are you not capable of answering a basic question?

Let’s try again: “Please explain logically or empirically how you know what you say is true.”

A response that you believe in the unbelievable because you have unbelievable beliefs about an unbelievable book does not answer the question. It fails the tests of both logic and empiricism.

John Tyrrell

Leeon's response:

Thats it!!! Our finite minds cannot comprehend the infinite. God is bigger than us. Leeon

JT tries to end it:

When you have a sensible response, please feel free to write again. Take your time. I will be away the next several days.

Leeon's less than sensible response: (he didn't take the opportunity to think for several days before replying.)

You can't handle the truth!!