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Discussion 6 to Talk Back 104
The poor are expected to help others

by: Julia Fernandes
God loves you very much

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Dear John,

Poverty is not just of clothes, food and water. Poverty is also of lack of love, faith, time, hope. If we help the poor, the poor are expected to help others in the little way that they can.

I may not have money to give somebody, but I can lend a ear and give my time to somebody who is going through a rough phase.

If I know someone who has lost all faith and hope, I can give them hope through encouraging words.

God has blessed all of us with spiritual gifts. We all have that one rare gift which we can share with others -- be it money, time or love.

We just need to discover the richness within our souls and share it with those who need it.

One day, maybe, I will lose all hope. That time there will be somebody else who will give me hope. What you give to others always comes back to you in the most unexpected ways....:-)

God bless you.