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A reply to Michael

by: Kristine Robinson

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Dear Michael,

First, my apologies for not responding to this earlier, I haven't been on this site for a while so didn't realise there was a reply awaiting me.

In your first paragraph of your reply, you wrote "I can tell that you truly do have faith in things of the spirit world." I'm sorry, but here you happen to be completely wrong. In fact, I completely lack faith in these things, to the point where I even occasionally question things within the real world. I have a brain condition which leads me to very convincing hallucinations. For more information, you can refer to my agnostic testimony found elsewhere on the site.

You have addressed some of my questions, i.e. the ones where I asked if other religious texts were also the "Word of God", by telling me that they may contain truth, and that they may lead one to faith. However, you didn't make it very clear whether or not personal revelation can lead a person to Christianity without being exposed to the text, nor did you address my questions towards the end of my reply. To save you the trouble of referencing, I'll repost them here;

I still don't understand how following Christ is in any way a superior choice to following Jupiter, Odin, or Amaterasu.

Thank you,