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Discussion 14 to Talk Back 95
I still see no reason to believe any of it

by: JT

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I'm sorry Tim, but you have still provided no reason to believe your assertions. You are just making a claim about a god who creates a son who ends up sitting on his right hand for eternity, and calls it a "sacrifice." Where's the sacrifice? The crucifixion and resurrection are just smoke and mirrors to disguise that your god sacrificed nothing at all. It's a silly story - and you have provided no reasons at all for believing it to be true.[1]

Tim, unless you actually provide some reasoned arguments, then I will not be publishing any more of your little tracts which consist of nothing more than rote repetition of slogans we have heard over and over again.

Feel free to pray for me daily if that is your wish. If my health holds out, I expect to have about 5,000 more days - and that will be 5,000 more demonstrations of the ineffectiveness of prayer. Of course, if you want a prayer to be answered, you can pray for my death. That prayer will certainly be answered, someday.

But I would suggest that instead of praying for me, you consider the advice in Meditation 202. It's a little dated now, but still, if some supernatural element causes some prayers to be answered, the suggestions there are far more worthwhile. [2]

Prayer is never going to change my mind. A sound logical argument based on acceptable premises might stand a chance.


  1. On the other hand, Meditation 829 provides reasons for not believing it.
  2. If Danielle, who inspired Meditation 202, has prayed for me daily since she discovered this web site, she now has over 2,100 examples of failed prayer to her credit.