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Discussion 11 to Talk Back 95
Consider your audience.

by: JT

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Michael: (Re: Discussion 7)

I'm glad you are learning from this exchange and intend to use it to improve your original article. But remember, you must consider your audience.

If you are aiming at those who already have belief, your current direction will probably suffice. It supports their current position. But if you are targetting those who are skeptical such as your atheist cousin, then I don't think it will change anyone's mind.

Take a look at what Tim O had to say in Discussion 6. From my view, there's nothing there. He gives no reason to believe what he claims, no reason to have faith. But saying essentially the same thing in many more words also will not work. You have to bring in evidence external to that framework. Tim's request that we read with our hearts is little different than your request that we read with an openness to faith.

But when the words are such that the mind does not, indeed cannot, agree with their validity, the skeptic will not find your faith. Unless you find something outside of the closed loop of the Bible is God's word which tells us God exists, you are unlikely to make ground with us.