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Discussion 10 to Talk Back 95
I see no reason to believe any of it

by: JT

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Tim O.:

In your brief 42 words (combined with 10! count them, 10! exclamation marks) you managed to make five unsupported assertions:

  1. There is a true GOD.
  2. he loves you .
  3. he sent his son JESUS CHRIST.
  4. THE HOLY BIBLE is GOD'S word.
  5. CHRIST died on the cross for all of you

...along with one prayer:

  1. may GOD bless you.

...and one request to read what you have to say mindlessly.

  1. Please read this with your heart.

Taking those in reverse order...

Most visitor's to this site will ignore your suggestion that we read what you wrote (or read the Christian Bible for that matter) mindlessly. I expect the vast majority, even those who disagree with my views, do their best to think about what they read. They don't read with their hearts - whatever that means. They read with their eyes and their brains.

The prayer - well, thanks for the good thoughts.

As for the five assertions you made - they are just that, simple assertions. They carry as much weight as putting the same five claims in the negative.

Because most readers think, they want claims backed up. Your claims are not.

I do suggest you consider the restatement of Christian theology (which essentially includes your five assertions) found on ExChristian.net and reprinted as A Miscellany 242. Ultimately it leads to the conclusion that the very basis of Christianty makes no sense.