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Discussion 4 to Talk Back 95
There is no justice in the Biblical God

by: JT

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There is much I could take issue with in your reply, but I will just address one item. You wrote:

Don't be mad at God for being just. Be glad that we all don't have to pay the price for our mistakes that so many did in the early days. 

First of all, I'm not mad at God. I can't be angry at something I do not believe in. (I do get mad at those who do evil or preach evil in the name of God, quoting chapter and verse for their actions - and I'm not suggesting that you, Michael, are doing that)

But as for the God described in the Bible being just? That is just risible. There is no justice in murdering entire populations, including children and babes in arms. There is no justice in condemning illegitimate children and their 10 succeeding generations. There is no justice in "visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me." There is no justice in a supposedly coming Apocalypse. And there is no justice in pretending any of this is God's love.

The words (other than those referring to an Apocalypse) are clear. Whether reading them before or after the New Testament does not change them.

And given that so many Christian preachers jump on every current natural disaster and proclaim it God's punishment for our sins, it looks like the Christian God is still out there killing indiscriminately.

No - I don't need faith in this God, or any other religion's God.