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Discussion 3 to Talk Back 95
A reply to JT

by: Michael Frank

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JT, your opening paragraph was:

"Basically you are saying that the Bible is the basis for belief in God and we should accept the authenticity of the Bible because... well you really don't provide a reason other than... other than Christians believe it." 

Actually I didn't even give that as a reason.  The title of my entire letter was "Faith".

What I was saying is that you can find faith through God's word even without faith in it.

If there is a circle in my letter, it is just that.  Simply put: Reading and meditating on God's Word can spark faith in you, ever how small, and then you can read with a little faith and that will grow more faith.  So on like a circle until one day you can actually make the willful decision to accept Christ and his forgiveness because of the faith and truth that He has grown in you.  You cannot find faith in God or even in the Bible except that He gives it to us in a supernatural way.  

Unlike many other letters that are written to this site, that letter was in no way meant to prove that God is real.  It is merely a guide to where you can find the faith.  And I explained why faith is necessary to our sanctification.  Proof would actually condemn us.  It's only through faith that God's plan of redemption (salvation, forgiveness) works.


Faith in God can be found outside The Bible. Perhaps in the magnificence of this universe (which was made by His words), or perhaps by hearing the voice of God directly speaking to you.  However, the Bible is the best collection we have of the words of God, which were written down by many different people.  And I think it’s definitely the best way for intelligent and educated people who don't want just simple faith to receive some insight into the greater reality of the workings of the spiritual world.  But, one way or another, you will have to find faith, not proof.  

I would like to encourage you to read the letter again to see what I am saying.


Secondly, I see that you have read The Bible, and I admittedly am surprised that you didn't get more out of it.  Perhaps you read it as quickly and pre-disposed as you did my letter.  I do, however, understand the confusion that arises when reading many of the stories in the Old Testament. 


Please, if anyone wants to read the books of The Bible, it will be much less confusing if you start with the book of "John" in the New Testament.

In the New Testament we find God's love for us, and His sacrifice to us, and His resulting plan of redemption.  God is perfect and holy, and sinful beings cannot even be in his presence.  He is also a God of justice.  Man has always had the chance to do right, but we seldom do, and in the Old Testament, many people had to pay for it.  He made this entire world for Adam to enjoy and gave him only one small thing to not do, yet Adam spat in Gods face by doing that very thing.  And every human that has ever lived has made similar wrong choices.  The Old Testament is full of stories of people that turned their backs on the very God that created them, and many of them had to pay for it.  We all deserve God's wrath, but in the New Testament we find that He wants us and loves us so much that He sacrificed of Himself to finally redeem as many as will accept it.  Throughout the Old Testament, you will also see tons of ground work being set up through the Israelite people that would later lead up to our salvation through Christ.  

Don't be mad at God for being just.  Be glad that we all don't have to pay the price for our mistakes that so many did in the early days.  Who knows, some how, some day in Heaven maybe we can find a way to even redeem those who have died and gone to Hell.  If God lets me, maybe one day I can suffer to give my life for someone as Christ did for me.  That's just my crazy speculation, but I don't like the thought of all the people that have died that weren't as fortunate as me to live where and when I have so that I could find faith and forgiveness any more than you like the idea.  But what is done is done, and I certainly don't blame God for our decisions and consequences.  After all, we do have free will.

Well I hope this clears things up a little. 

May you be blessed in your journey – Mike