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Discussion 2 to Talk Back 95
If only one text is true, how are we to know which one?

by: Kristine Robinson

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You speak about people reaching God through his word, which you state is the Bible. However, I am rather curious what you consider of other religious texts. Are they, or are they not, the word of God also? The Koran and The Torah both share roots with the various Bibles that abound today; are they equally the word of God? They appear to touch people in a similar fashion to the Bible.

Consider also the Vedas. Hinduism seems to have touched a huge number of people. In fact, Wikipedia attributes between 965-970 million people follow Hinduism worldwide. Have they been touched by the word of God? They appear to have the same or similar experiences as you have described.

From my own experience, I have felt similar things to the experiences you have listed, however I was not working from a set text, I was practising paganism and I would come across my understanding of God(desses) work through the world around me, and through ritual. Was I reaching God through the word?

I could mention any number of religions, but they would all come back to the same comparisons.

If only one text is true, how are we to know which one if they all enable this faith? If all texts are true, why do they argue so much with each other? If the feeling (faith) is the truth, then why do we need the texts?

I am quite eager to see your replies to my questions, as I have been unable to find satisfactory answers anywhere.