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Discussion 8 to Talk Back 89
If the issues were that unimportant...

by: JT

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I'm sorry that you consider the points you chose to bring up early in your initial article as the "least important." If they were that unimportant, and you did not expect me to consider them seriously, then why bring up them up at all? I suggest that in spite of your protestations, you were indeed annoyed, if not insulted when you wrote the sentence I chose to respond to.

You raised those issues. Should they have been ignored, particularly as you were, in my view, quite mistaken? You say in your latest response that you were "making a point," but I suggest the point was not valid.

I considered it a reasonable use of my time to let you know that your underlying assumptions about those issues were in error and that there was no need for your apparent vexation. Perhaps this indicates that you should examine some of your other underlying assumptions.

As to not my responding to the rest of your article, I think you missed my Meditation 713 and the several detailed replies by others which I saw no need to duplicate.