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Discussion 11 to Talk Back 88
The god hypothesis is several million orders of magnitude less likely than evolution

by: jackdaw

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In Discussion 8, Michael Horn wrote:

And that is my problem with evolution it is a lottery ticket and some how it all came in just right.

The problem with the god hypothesis is that it is several million orders of magnitude less likely than the alternative evolution hypothesis and has more holes in it than a sieve that has been hit by shrapnel.

And as for everything coming just right, that, like the stories in the bible, is just not true.  Take the appalling design flaws in the mammals us for example.  Here we have the waste disposal system confused with the reproductive system.  This leads to many diseases associated with reproduction.  Women especially have problems with childbirth because of the limited space available for the baby's head to emerge.  Men are likely to fail in the reproductive act due to blood pressure problems.  Indeed this leads to many unnecessary deaths due to heart failure whilst indulging in reproductive practices.  (Check with any medical practitioner for confirmation if you do not believe me)

The digestive system is rubbish.  It includes a dead end (the appendix) which serves no useful purpose, but nevertheless can kill you.  Indeed, the lower colon can fail in a similar way due to diverticulitis.    Add to that, we cannot breathe and eat at the same time due to the stupid design of the throat, and the confusion between the oxygen retrieval system and the food processing department.

Add to this, as this crowning peak of design work we are effectively dinner to bugs, fungi, and viruses galore.  These, and many other bad faults, (prostrate gland, cancer, arthritis, etc. ad nauseam) show that either god is a totally useless designer, and should not have bothered, or more likely, does not exist.

I will grant you that at times I have thought that if evolution is true. It was not random selection based upon time and conditions but genetic engineering which in time led to our creation, by his design.

Like most godists you either do not understand the theory of evolution, or deliberately choose to parody it.  Evolution is NOT random selection.  Mutations are random.  Survival is anything but random.  The selections are as a result of the unsuccessful creatures being unable to survive in their environment.  This again can be illustrated by examining the human animal.  A third of all conceived embryos are spontaneously aborted naturally because they are unable to survive in the most benign conditions possible.  (The womb's purpose is to nurture the foetus until it can survive independently.)   Following that more die in childbirth, fail to make it beyond childhood, or fail to reproduce for other reasons.  As I pointed out, the design is lousy.

But the teachings of Jesus are more than just morality or a way of life. Granted being a Christian is a way of life.

As the bible advocates slavery, murdering children, and many other vicious practices, it  cannot be taken seriously as a basis for morality.   As there is no independent evidence that Jesu existed, the New Testament can be dismissed as just another account of a mystery religion, of which there were many around prior to, and after Nero's time.  None of the gospels were written by eye witnesses, and were cobbled together a couple of generations later than the events they purport to recount. 

For instance, Osiris was the "Light of the World", and was the King that defeated death.  He also was born of a virgin, arose from his grave, and ascended to heaven.  Others include Hercules, Prometheus, Mithras.  How about wise men being led to his birthplace by a star?  Heard of Krishna?  Others promoted to glory were Julius and Augustus Caesar, they were all at it in those days.

And guys I am really not willing to debate the whole who wrote Genesis. Or if it was the Greeks, Egyptians, or some caveman named Unk (that was a joke) who proposed the Geo-centric model of the solar system it happened so long ago that it is just speculation.

Yeah, this has been conceded even by the Catholics, I understand.  As Moses did not exist, and the whole Egyptian story is invented, it is not surprising.  Found in bulrushes, virgin births, I ask you.

If we can do that why can't a Deity create the whole world in six days?

The claim is for the whole damn universe, not for this tiny lump of rock revolving around nowhere in particular.  The leading alternative theory (quantum fluctuation) does not require an incredibly complicated entity to kick start the universe.  Now apply Occam's razor...