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Discussion 10 to Talk Back 88
Are people willing to bet their souls on science? I am not.

by: Michael Horn

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First of all I would like to thank you for your open discussion on this website, and for your more than reasonable politeness to those of us with dangerous religious ideas. Your politeness is one of the reasons why I kept posting. I truly believe in our nation's freedom of religion or for someone not have a religion, it is the strength of our country; and needs to be kept polite since we would all have something to lose. I happen to agree with Voltaire when he said "I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it." JT you live in his sprit. To be honest just as you fear someone forcing their religion on you, (for your own good) as has been done in the past, it is my fear that someday someone will close my down church (for my own good), as been done in the past. Our nation was founded by such happenings, and it could happen again. Thomas Jefferson when he told King George and the British Parliament that we are freemen, said, we are going to establish a government in which we will have life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. For me that is going to Church. Now on to spirited debate with is also not only good for the mind, but our country as well.     

 I read over your last post and pondered what you said about why God did not make the world in an instant; I believe he could have if he wanted to, as it is written "Is anything to hard for the Lord?" Yet the bible said that the world was made in six days and so I believe that if Jonah survived being swallowed by a fish for three days and Jesus turned water into wine, walked on water (which I tried to do as a kid; I almost drowned), why not the world in six days?

Which leads me to my next point, I know it is hard for non-believers to understand this, but we are not crazy (well not all of us; ok not me; well maybe just a little, I do teach). Yes there are things that have happened in bible that if I read anywhere else I would think it's phony or the person has to be crazy to believe it, yet I do. Why? If the bible was just of these events then I would say there is a problem, but most of the bible is full of God interacting with Man pleading for him to follow him, and how to follow him, and the divine justice for those who do not. It talks of man's corrupt imagination, just turn on the news and we can see the truth of this. I bit the apple of his truth (pardon the pun), and ate the whole apple. In other words I have to have faith that what I read is true or my faith is in vain, and I am worm food. Besides the whole Moses and the burning bush, God whacking some guy who tried to steady the ark, makes for some good reading.

My final point is that of science vs. religion. Then I am going to have to stop this discussion for now. Thanks again for your open forum.  I know I am shooting my own foot for this, but the bible is not a science or history book. The Bible says God made the universe not how, that is where science comes in. We are trying to figure out how our creator made the world; but Science is not perfect I pointed this out in our first posting. It has been wrong in the past and can be wrong now. Are people willing to bet their souls on science? I am not.