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Discussion 8 to Talk Back 88
Proof of a designer: life on our planet with its complex matrix

by: Michael Horn

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John, First of all thanks for the info on Vulcan, it was cool, party on Spock.

Second you're right the distance between stars is so vast that we are in essence alone, and as a life long sci-fi fan I am not happy about that. But I think you missed my point. At one time people believed that life was so common in our universe that even in our solar system we would find it, so far we have not. Granted we have not looked as hard as we are now. So it could be that maybe the conditions for life are so remote that we have in essence won the lottery not once but a thousand  times. And that is my problem with evolution it is a lottery ticket and some how it all came in just right.

You say that Bees are a bad choice but you never gave me a reason why they like nectar. What mutation had a bee naturally decide it wanted nectar, what were the conditions? If evolution is true why have we in the last two hundred years of serious science not seen one species turn into another. Your answer of course is that there is not enough time and that there are not the right conditions. But with out direct observation parts of the theory of evolution is not a science but just speculation. You ask for proof of a designer. I give you life on our planet with its complex matrix, so complex that when man tried to imitated it a few years ago in a bio-dome some microbe destroyed it. God is the greatest engineer in history, and our planet gives glory to his name.

I will grant you that at times I have thought that if evolution is true. It was not random selection based upon time and conditions but genetic engineering which in time led to our creation, by his design.

Third, As for as the issue of morality with the bible truth of loving your neighbor, I agree that this concept is found all around the world. But the teachings of Jesus are more than just morality or a way of life. Granted being a Christian is a way of life. But I always remember the question that he asked his disciples who do men say that I am. I have thought about this question for years and I agree with Peter's answer. Jesus is the Christ Son of the living God; or as John stated in his Gospels God in human form.

And guys I am really not willing to debate the whole who wrote Genesis. Or if it was the Greeks, Egyptians, or some caveman named Unk (that was a joke) who proposed the Geo-centric model of the solar system it happened so long ago that it is just speculation. We still debate who wrote Hamlet, yet it is there. 

One last thought on the Genesis story. We can now make a diamond out of coal in less than a week. If we can do that why can't a Deity create the whole world in six days?