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Discussion 6 to Talk Back 88
The evidence for evolution is very good, but not so good I am going to burn my bible.

by: Michael Horn

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JT, when I was in college my Astronomy Professor once stated the famous Dr. Carl Sagan quote about there being billions of stars and therefore billions of life-like planets. Then my professor followed it up with the statement that Creationists just don't understand this. You have said the same thing to me with the fossil evidence. I do read more than my bible and I do understand the evidence for evolution and it's very good, but not so good I am going to burn my bible. For one it was very expensive, and second there are truths that are taught that I like very much such as the idea of loving your neighbor more than yourself.

My third and forth reason for still keeping my bible is this. Where is the better us (human kind).  I mean if we have been down here for about a million years and have killed off the other sub-type humans such as the Neanderthal, why have we not evolved into a new better type of human. In other words where is Hitler's mater race, and the end of us? And if Dr. Sagan was right where is ET, or the alien race that which is going to conquer the world or eat my face off which ever came first? Or the aliens that seeded our planet; and why have they not check up on us in a while? If they are showing up; why are they only going after dunk guys on dirt roads? We do have cities.

Maybe Clark, Asimov, and Dr. Sagan (as much as I respect there work) are wrong; this planet is it. No going off on a five year mission. No pretty Orion. No Vulcan (which would be a shame). We are it. Life is only found on our planet. So far it looks that way. As much as we scan the heavens we only find our selves alone, so how did we get here? My answer is simple, a designer who had Moses write these words.

In the Beginning ..

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