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Discussion 4 to Talk Back 83
Perhaps we have not connected the dots.

by: Michael

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My Christian Brothers and Sisters are going to call me a heretic for saying this, but here I go. I have always believed the Jewish/Christian God to be a force of some kind. At this time we can not measure him, but that does not mean He is not there. Perhaps there is evidence to which that we have not yet connected the dots. This has happened many times in the history of science. The ideas of the Atom and Element are thousands of years old, yet it has only been in the last two hundred years that we have found some good understanding of them.

I do want to address Karol's idea of poor Jesus. From what I read in the Gospels. Rome did not want to kill Jesus. They tried many times to give him back since he had committed no capital crime. It was the High Priest who wanted Jesus publicly executed, not Rome. And yes, Jesus did know what he was doing and he did change Roman Society.

Thanks for the great discussion. :)