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Discussion 3 to Talk Back 83
I don't believe it

by: Karol Hogerton

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If you look back to history to answer your questions about today your search will be rewarded.

Think about it, people have been here for a hell of a long time; we know that now. We now know that there were dinosaurs. They lived between 250 million and 65 million years ago in what we have decided to call the mesozoic era and that the bones were not planted here by a jokester god testing our mettle.

Humans began to emerge, as far as we can tell, maybe 1/2 million years ago or more and what they accomplished, if it in some way was preserved, was added to our concept of history.

We know the world was not created in seven days but instead took millions and millions of years. The continents really are drifting apart and undersea volcanos are creating the foundations of new islands.

We are still evolving.                                

It was raining and Utnapishtim was told by the gods to build a large craft and gather all the ceatures into it. He saved them all and when the rains stopped and the craft settled on a mountain top he was rewarded by the gods with the gift of immortality for his great deed.

Sounds familiar doesn't it.  This was written in the third milennium BC on stone tablets. Those tablets were found in an 1845 excavation of an 8th century BC library in what is now Iraq but they weren't able to start translating them till thirty years later.

We've learned a lot about our universe. We've learned that we are not the center of it. That the god or gods don't make it thunder or flood. They don't cause the earth to move under our feet and they are not the reason for aids.

Then there was poor Jesus, alive during such a rebellous time and like so many other twenty and thirty somethings then he wanted to make change happen. Life was hard for the poor under the yoke of the Roman Empire and we all know what the Romans did with people who wanted change. The responsibilty the Christians have heeped upon that dead man's shoulders is unbelievable.

Some day, I hope, we will all realize that the truths we've learned are quite beautiful and so what if that religous belief got the rug pulled out from underneath it. Get over it.