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Discussion 2 to Talk Back 81
It's complete nonsense

by: Norm

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What on earth is Jerry (Falwell?) talking about?  His Para 1 is a complete nonsense - a theorem is something which can be mathematically proved.   Pythagoras' Theorem has been proved time and time again.  Pythagoras was only the first guy to do it (unless someone comes up with an even earlier Greek philosopher who also proved it)

His second para, based on the wrong assumptions of the first, is therefore equal nonsense.

The third para is wrong.  Only the most paranoid would say that academia has been trying to prove the non-existence of God.  God does very well in proving his own non-existence by communicating only with clowns like Jerry and not bothering with the rest of us sober and upright citizens.

So his fourth para is equally wrong.  No-one wants to sit in a darkened room pondering on the existence or otherwise of God.  Either you are convinced of his reality, like Jerry and his ilk, or you can no more be bothered with such questions than God appears to be bothered with supplying the answers.  If God has the slightest interest in revealing himself to us, he will surely find better proponents than Jerry.

That's why we subscribe to this church.  It summarises our feelings on the subject accurately and concisely.