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Discussion 5 to Talk Back 66
Really read that Bible!

by: T.H. Pacis

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It is clear that YOU did not read the Bible, or you didn't understand what you were reading.

Firstly, there is no such thing as "The Bible says" or "the Bible explains / proves" because the Bible is not a single book written by a single author but rather a collection of many different books a scripts collected and edited over hundreds of years and written in different places and even in several different languages (Hebrew and Aramaic in the "Old Testament" and Greek and Aramaic in the "New Testament"). Also, the books in the bible vary from religion to religion, as well as the contents of each of the books which varies to a small extent. For example, books  considered Canonical in the Catholic or Eastern Orthodox christian bible are considered Apocrypha by the Hebrew (i.e. Jewish) and Protestant Bible's.

The fact that the bible is compromised by different books written by different people during many generations, by the way, is agreed upon by both secular scholars and all religions concerning themselves with the bible.

Secondly, the texts in the bible not only do not prove that God exists, but they don't even ATTEMPT to prove its existence, because the people who wrote the Bible lived in a time and place where God's inexistence was not even a possibility thought of. Thus, attempting to prove its existence would have been a waste of time (why would you attempt to prove something everybody believes is true?)

To conclude, maybe you, Julie, and others like you, should read the bible, and discover that religion is much more complex and varied than the simplistic way in which you view it. Then and only then will you be able to start real intelligent discussion and debate among yourselves and with the secular world.