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But, I have read the Bible...

from Kaye Antonio

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Dear Julie,

I'm 19. I have read the Bible. Since I was a kid actually. I expect you to be aware that your bible speaks about a god who lets his children die by inflicting a flood, causing famine, rain of fire, and plagues. A god who plays favoritism among brothers, and simply watched the other kill the 'favored one'.

I suppose you've read the part when this god tests Abraham's faith, and asks Abraham to offer his son. Did that god do those things for his own amusement? I don't know. No one knows... but some would still pretend to know.

A god who mercilessly persecuted thousands (maybe more) of his enemies. Killing a pharaoh's first born just to get back at him (this one really disturbed me). In the New Testament, it talks about a god, who (as if death is not an enough punishment) condemns his enemies to eternal suffering.

Now, you expect me to worship that god? Never.