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Discussion 6 to Talk Back 61
A hat tossed in the ring

by Wayne Carlson

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Mr. DeLucchi

After reading your postings, I could not help but to throw my hat into the ring.

You believe because you choose to believe. After that point, you choose to keep believing. This may not even be a conscious choice. The beliefs you hold may fill a need in your life that is very important to you. Is it not possible that one chooses a particular “flavor” of religion because it fills an internal need, not because of its truth? Denying the ability to change a belief does not make it so. Is it possible that you are looking for an excuse rather than a reason?

Your premise would mean that all “true” believers have no choice and cannot change. What about beliefs other than about Jesus and religion? Why would it not also apply to them? Your “reasoning” is based on a belief in the divinity of Christ – that he “knew”. Since this is a belief – you cannot know it either – you cannot use it to prove that Jesus “knew” anything. You trust because you choose to trust.

The discussion progresses to “faith vs works”, something that Christianity has been struggling with almost forever. Faith in whom and works for whom? It all depends on your belief in what is “true”. How many angels on the head of a pin? Questions that can’t be answered because there is no answer. All of the answers come from a book that gives different answers to the same question. If God wanted to enlighten men, wouldn’t it have been better to write in a clear unambiguous manner? Instead, what you have is a hodgepodge of “inspired” writings that nobody can agree about.

I agree with one point you make:

“we find it extremely difficult to translate this into fact so that you the non-believer will believe the way we believe”

You cannot translate this feeling because it is quite personal. I likewise cannot impart my feelings to you. We both choose our beliefs because of the events of our lives, the people we have met, the things we have studied and our needs. They are not forced upon us. We have freely chosen.

Why are you wasting time in a forum such as this when, no matter what you might learn, you cannot change? If you just want reinforcement of your religious beliefs it would seem that this is the wrong place.