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Truth Evolves

by Thomas J.

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Alright Maarten, you are right. I realise my ideas and views are ???(they are something, maybe just that, ideas and views.) I can't say that my views are any more truthful than someone else's. Really, truth is probably unreachable and even when you reach truth it evolves... so it is endless searching... Sorry, I could be just throwing more confusion into the 'chaos' which we call the search for truth. Anyway I'll keep searchin'.

I'm not going to walk on water literally, that's just the state of mind God gives me. Hey, but at least you seemed optimistic when you (Maarten) said "if you pull it off"... just maybe... (hehe)

Interesting web site Maarten, I saw a book called 'Doubt' advertised. I'd say it is uplifting.

I'll gladly read a book of your choice, I need answers!!!