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My Free Will Is Not From God

by Philip van Bergen

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Thomas J says that my free will is God given. Sorry, Thomas, but my free will was not given to me by any God or god.

However, I can understand your suggestion that we have the capacity to feel like God or a god when put in touch with, or participating in the cosmic consciousness. As a mystic, Jesus may well have glimpsed something of the "divine light" (for want of a better expression - and to use a lexicon with which you are familiar) and that may well have persuaded him (mistakenly, in my opinion) to claim he was the Son of God. His claim, however, was tragically proven wrong upon his death with the cry, "Father, why hast though forsaken me".

All mystics (adepts, at least) give accounts of seeing beyond reality and glimpsing something greater. Buddha saw enlightenment, Jesus saw God (and the Devil), some see Mary, others see Abraham, Mohammed or animal spirits. I do not doubt for one minute that they all had a profound and life-altering experience, however, their experience was interpreted and coloured by their own cultural imagery. Those having mental instabilities receive messages telling them to take their followers into the forest and commit mass suicide.

The images and messages are all different (and in many cases, mutually incompatible) and not to be trusted, but the physical experience will probably be the same - a deep sense of peace and tranquility at having reached a transcendent state of altered, or heightened consciousness.

Jesus prepared for his encounter with the "infinite" by going off into the desert and fasting for a while (a typical preparation for a mystic). He is also recorded as having passed certain secrets (of which we remain ignorant) to certain of his disciples - the secrets of the adept?