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Discussion 4 to Talk Back 59
Do you really think you are getting through?

by: Maarten van den Driest

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Dear Thomas J.

I wonder if you wouldn't be happier posting on a liberal Christian website. Few orthodox Christian will ever accept your views (nor mine, for that matter) but there should be a sizable portion of the liberals you could chat with.

As you are making no headway with the readers of this website, why not find a forum more attuned to your views? There are many of these. I'll discuss your views with you myself by private e-mail if you want.

As to your claim about walking on water if you must... do it! You will really get the attention of all the skeptics if you pull it off.

I'll accept the findings of The Skeptics Society, or equivalent in another country, as final, if you'd like to pick a referee. Here are links to The Skeptics Society and the Dutch equivalent, Stichting Skepsis.