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Discussion 5 to Talk Back 58
Life is what you make of it

by Sarah

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Life is what you make of it. The purpose you have designated for your life (servitude of a deity, I'm guessing) does not have to be the same purpose that some others may designate for their lives.

My life has purpose and I enjoy living it. I don't need to believe in a god and fear for what happens after this life to feel purposeful.

Furthermore, I find it silly to say that people don't believe in a god so they don't have to admit they're terrible people. If I do something terrible, I have a number of people to be accountable to, myself included. Perhaps you do not understand the concept of personal responsibility or you do not believe that it is possible for someone to be good without fear of eternal torture of in hopes of eternal reward, however, I must tell you, I find that to be the lowest of all reasons to be "good" and it is more than possible to be a good person without a deity and more than possible to be a bad person with the belief in a deity.