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Discussion 3 to Talk Back 58
Personal Accountability; Personal Responsibility

from JT

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Ultimately, we are all accountable for ourselves. We hold ourselves responsible for our actions, inactions and decisions.

You believe you are accountable in some way to your God. But, you made a decision to belong to whichever denomination you belong to with its particular interpretation of your God's will. That is your decision that you are accountable for. And at some point you might decide another denomination better reflects your beliefs, and that group will have a slightly different interpretation of your God's will. And that would be your decision that you are accountable for.

You probably believe that, in some form or another, that there will be a Judgement Day. On that day, you believe your God will hold you accountable. But by holding you fully accountable, that God would be saying that you, and only you, are responsible for what you have done in this life. So, through your God, you are ultimately accountable to yourself.

Judgement day for me is everyday. Every day I recognize what I did right, and what I did wrong, and I try to do better the next day. I would not be surprised if you acted in a similar manner - holding yourself accountable every day.

As to determining my standards, they come out of the fact I live in the real world. I live with neighbours. I treat them well, and they treat me well. We are social beings. Living well with other people requires us to respect their rights. Society is the "golden rule" in action. We do not need a God to tell us that. All we need is the desire to live with others.

Really - if you were to discover that there was no God - would it change your perception of right and wrong? Would you suddenly feel it all right to go into your neighbour's house in her absence and help yourself to her possessions? I would hope that discovering that there was no god would have no impact on your personal morality.

Right and wrong exist regardless of God's existence or non-existence.

And Medina, on the other issue you raise - I can assure you I am not lonely.