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Discussion 7 to Talk Back 56
God is a choice.

by Thomas J

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Maarten van den Driest quoted me:

'the thing you have to realise is; we'll never fully realise what it is all about.'

After which I said 'because then the game is over if you know what I mean.'

Let me put it a different way. God is a choice. God designed the physical universe for our spirits to evolve toward the source (God). God can never be 'fact' by design because then the choice is over. Upon entering the physical universe we (spirits) cause ourselves to forget who and what we really are. This allows us to choose. It is the act of choosing to be, rather than simply being told that we are, a part of God that you experience yourself as a total choice, which is what, by definition, God is.

To try and explain this more clearly. Just imagine the world is the playground and we're all playing 'hide and seek'. You've all played hide and seek right, oh wait of course you have because everything relates!!

If you are planning on waiting till God is a fact before you can believe, then you are out of luck because He won't let it be fact. If it where to become fact He might as well shut the whole thing down.

Seek God with an open heart and you will find Him 'Knock and the door will be opened'