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Discussion 5 to Talk Back 56
Awaken your slumbering spirits

by Thomas J.

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Anagram: God's message to all mankind => man stinks (God made ego's)

Personally I'm obsessed with the self ('sorry Lord'). I always want to believe I'm right, I don't think I'm the only one!. I guess everyone wants to lead and nobody wants to follow. Yes things could be down to chance or coincidence.

God leaves little clues/omens/signs to help you on your journey. You are on a journey right? Every journey has a destination. Because this journey is so long you'll need to get yourself a map, i.e. religion; to guide you to your destination in case you get lost or go down the wrong road so to speak.

You'll also need a guide to teach and direct you, e.g. Christ, Buddha. These masters will help you pass tests and obstacles you face along the road. They will keep you on the 'straight and narrow' so you can reach the Promised Land faster. If you wander down the wrong road, don't worry but you will have to back track and find the right path again.

May God bless you on your way, you can't fail, it's more like a process so we can appreciate the Promised Land more when we arrive. 'Even a dog can find his way home'.

The thing you have to realise is; we'll never fully realise what it is all about! Then the game is over if you understand what I mean. If you think about it if we already knew we'd have nothing to search for. I believe everybody's heard it said 'everyone loves surprises', and my God are we in for one. Because the destination is so incredible that you can't even believe it to be true. That's why you lose faith is because you think all God's promises are a con, well maybe it's the non-believers who have been conned!.

Awaken your slumbering spirits, get in the game!

There's always 'light at the end of the tunnel'