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Discussion 8 to Talk Back 55
I think my non-point is quite clear

by Anthony deLucchi

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I really wish I had the time and space to give you a full account of my belief and my understanding thereof. I think my non-point is quite clear: God did not say "....let's flatten a place and make earth" and my reference to the flood is just a slight at the now popular conception that it did not happen.

Does it really matter whether we might have supposed the earth was flat, or that the sun stood still and we moved or visa versa? The sextant, the instrument used for navigation on the oceans was made with the idea of the sun rotating the earth not the other way around and it works.

Let's look at these lines, "....He took dust from the ground and fashioned a man, and breathed His spirit into man, and man lived...." Now where does "evolution" contradict this?

Biblical scholars whether Christian or Jewish spend many years even centuries debating translation to attempt to understand exactly what is written there. Genesis is the most interesting book in the Bible, it is a story of our beginnings whether you "believe" in God or not. It also to some degree mirrors other writings of the beginning found in the Vedic or Dravidic writings of ancient India. This to me does not prove the Bible to be copy-catting earlier writings, but strengthens the fact that we came from something quite different from what the modernists suppose.

Come on be fair; I DO understand the concept of evolution. All I say is evolution is just a small part of the story. Try to understand why I can tease "evolutionists" because I can grasp evolution, but non-theists cannot "grasp" belief, or do not seem to be able to grant us an inner-self, a transcending of a solid reality. Why do we sing? Why do we write emotive parodies? Why do we walk on the edge of madness? Because we can, because there is more to this reality than we can comprehend. You see I am trying to answer you all at once, but I am only so old (he says holding up all his fingers), but I cannot really answer you, you do not actually seek any answers that make sense of what