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Discussion 6 to Talk Back 55
What Parts of the Bible Are You Keeping?

by David

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In reply to Mr. DeLucchi:

Have you read the Bible recently ? Are you seriously trying to say that the theory of evolution is contrary to the concepts of the Bible, but a heliocentric solar system is not ? Or that the age of the world based on biblical dating is compatible with geological dating?

What parts of this book are you keeping, and what parts do you wish to throw out ? How come you seem to be able to swallow a literal Flood covering the entire earth, but can’t reconcile the idea that God might have used Evolution as the process by which he created life? How can you treat the aging of the universe (only 6000 years according to the bible) as some sort of allegory, but choke on the concept that “creating” man meant that he sprang from the earth fully formed at Gods command.

You can’t have it both ways. Either the bible contains a literal account of the way the universe was created, or it is at best an allegory (and at worst, a bunch of myths with no more factual weight than the tales of Thor and Odin, or Zeus and Hera).

If it is an allegory, how does evolution contradict it ? Evolution says nothing about how life started, or why life works the way it does. It just describes the process of how life changes over time. That’s it.