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Discussion 5 to Talk Back 55
I am just a curious thinker

by Anthony DeLucchi

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Karen Davis wrote:

"It's my belief (my theory, if you will) that evolution is the camel's nose for creationists."

Hi Karen. What I mean by "root of departure" is simply put the pivot on which the discipline turns. If I may be so bold as to point out some wee little points, albeit minor seeing as I am not a graduate of any major school of thought I am just a curious thinker, now in the "creationist" context,

God does not go to great lengths to describe the actual putting together of the cosmos, as really it is quite beside the point. Now logically put, if God chose to detail the actual putting together of all the dust particles the combining of the specific elements and the detonating of the "spark" that put the whole wagonshow on the road, we would probably never in one lifetime be able to have read the story of creation. The bible makes no mention of a "flat" earth, the bible does not "limit" creation to earth alone. In fact evidence of a globe shaped earth and its relation within the galaxy predate Judaism by eons. Judaism / Christianity stem from much older cultures a bit more ancient than we might be able to conceive. If one attempts to take the book of Genesis seriously we are not speaking of one or two thousand years, nor are we talking about bumbling illiterates looking after sheep.

Let's be a little bit sober-minded here. If by some weird quirk of magic Noah and his sons and animals and stuffs survived the deluge, flood or whatever is the popular belief today, would not their memories of the "lost" culture be still there? I mean these people were only a few months in the ark. Then it goes on to show how long these people lived. Right so it is all nonsense and no-one can live to be 900 odd years old?? Come why don't we all shake our heads and begin to wonder again, why must we be dictated to by "modern" scholars who use only that which they "think" is relevant to paint pictures of our supposed "primitive" past.

I for one am very excited at the idea that maybe we are not what we have come to believe we are, we are not stuff that crawled out of a cosmic goo, we are humans and our heritage is not a rock in space.