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Discussion 4 to Talk Back 53
Every religion believes what it speaks is the truth.

by Julie DiMauro

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Mr. Barth:

Another somewhat bewildering submission by Mr. DeLucchi, although I do agree with his first point before he wanders off the subject. I'll try to pick up where he left off.

I think that every religion believes what it speaks is the truth, so your demand that we do the same and not "preach," does not make much sense. We only profess a version of how we see the universe, and ourselves in relation to it. What we consider to be, as you say, Mr. Barth, "truth and rationalism," it is clear by the number of outraged Christian Talk Backs we receive, that a great many people do not agree.

I suggest that you either propose a number of reforms to the way the Church runs its business (as opposed to resorting to childish name-calling once again), or you employ the Back button on your browser.