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Discussion 16 to Talk Back 52
This is no experiment at all

by Maarten van den Driest

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Quoting Thomas J.:

'Now as part of the experiment, just keep thinking "tree inhabiting animals".

Oh, puhlease. This proves nothing and is no experiment at all. It is as tendentious bit of propaganda trying to show that without your religion, no wonder, no beauty is possible. There is more than enough good music from non-Christian musicians, b.t.w. Moreover, I doubt whether all those people really espouse your views per se.

I would like to propose some research: find all massacres ever committed by atheists or agnostics. Further more, prove that they were persecuting Christians at the time. Now list all Christian massacres of non-Christians, for religious reasons. To make it easier, we'll discount entire states, they are too complicated, ideologically.

This, again, proves nothing but neatly illustrates the futility of this kind of exercise.

Look up at the stars. At night, preferably. Science can tell you how incredibly far those lights are, how they work, how long they live, how hot they are and how fast they are moving in which direction. Does this knowledge diminish the awe you feel? At all?

No, it doesn't. Actually, for a number of people - myself included - this only serves to enhance the experience. Science may sound cold and disinterested but that is just methodology. We actually talk about real things that then don't become less real, just because we describe them precisely.

I side with Philip van Bergen here. It is marvellous that you have such beautiful feelings but it. doesn't. prove. anything. More precisely: you may be certain - and you do have the right to be - but you cannot expect others to follow you, whatever you say. (Please redefine 'certainty'.) Unless you develop a rigidly logical proof, using verifiable phenomena from the actual real world, you can only persuade, never prove.

There is nothing wrong, inherently, with belief, but without science, there is only belief.

What irks me is that you do expect others to follow you in your belief that there is a divine being. Either you allow others their positions or you give a valid (logically sound, verifiable, real-world) reason for not doing so. Writers on this site have done this time and again, I suggest you return the courtesy.