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Discussion 15 to Talk Back 52
What does your experiment test?

by Julie DiMauro

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Thomas J.:

I don't understand what hypothesis your supposed experiment intends to test. Is your hypothesis something along the lines of, "When exposed to certain songs, people will be able to hear God"? You have difficulty making this into an actual scientific experiment give that you have no control test subject, just variables. Everyone is going to differ in their opinions, and most people have a fairly strong bias when it comes to believing or not believing in the existence of God.

I also fail to see what "tree-inhabiting animals" have anything to do with this discussion.

At any rate, I'd been thinking that, up until this point, the "music" was figurative language for some religious inspiration. Was I alone in thinking that?

Thomas, I'm sure that you can find the voice of God wherever you intend to find it, because you'll believe it's there. In the Reply #5 to this Talk Back, you listed several movies that you thought you saw God in. As I replied to that post, you can see special meaning in anything if you want to believe that meaning is there.

I've listen to a fair number of the songs you've listed, and once again I've found very little in the way of deep spiritual meaning, let alone a religious message from the specific Judeo-Christian-Islamic God.

You are more than welcome to draw whatever conclusions you may about the songs you listed. You are entitled to your opinion. But if you truly believe that making some nonbelievers listen to several choice songs is going to make them, "feel the Love" as you say, then you have some rather questionable expectations.