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Discussion 14 to Talk Back 52
The Source of the Music

by Thomas J.

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Sorry about the 'preaching', I'm just looking for the right words to try and express what I think.

Hope I don't come across the wrong way. But I truly believe that it's my duty to share my God experience with you. In a way I think of you as 'family'.

So to the music. Since this is Science v. God, and since science is about experiments, I purpose an experiment; I've put together a list of songs for you if you wish to download.* Not sure if they'll be to your taste but I hear God calling from these songs.

Pink - God is a DJ. / R Kelly - I believe I can fly. / Black Eyed Peas - Where's the Love? / Whitney Houston - I believe in miracles. / Twista ft. Faith Evans - Hope. / Stevie Wonder - superstition. / Sister Act 2 - Oh Happy Day. / Mariah Carey - Hero. / Enya - return to Innocence. / P. Diddy - Best Friend. / Lauren Hill - Joyful Joyful. / Hoobastank - The Reason Is You. / linkin park - Somewhere I Belong, Crawling. / Lauren Hill - The Miseducation of Lauren Hill. / Whitney Houston - When You Believe. / Nas - Heaven ./ Nas - I can. / Lemar - I believe in a thing called love. / Limp Bizkit - Behind blue eyes. / Alicia Keys - If I ain't got you./ Mariah Carey + boys 2 men - I'll be there.

Now as part of the experiment, just keep thinking " tree inhabiting animals".

I hope you 'Feel the Love'

Eternity is yours, you already have it!

One Love



* Editor's c.y.a. note: This in no way indicates that the Apathetic Agnostic Church condones illegal downloading. We assume Thomas J refers to the use of legitimate sources for your music needs.