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Discussion 13 to Talk Back 52
The Source of the Music Is?

by Philip van Bergen

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Thomas J.

I can well understand that you have experienced something which gives you "certainty". The analogy I would use is that of a world full of tone deaf people, where only those who are not tone deaf can hear the tune - you being one of those receptive to the cosmic music.

Where I would disagree with you, is the source of the music. We simply do not know with certainty whether the music originates within ourselves or externally.

I have posted elsewhere on this site about drugs being able to reproduce a transcendent state where the "music" can be heard and the fact that the tune can be very different for people from different cultures - and mutually incompatible. That single fact would suggest the tune is internal - although we cannot say that with any degree of certainty. The balance of probabilities, however, would point to such.

I'm warming to you; you appear to be starting to argue your point in a logical manner, rather than merely preaching, which - if I may say - is refreshing from a theist.

In your own words - respect.