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Discussion 12 to Talk Back 52
You actually feel God

by Thomas J.

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Maarten asked

"What exactly is your point?"

Sorry Maarten but it would take a book or 5 for me to paint the full picture, but I'll give it a shot now.

They say you'd have to walk a mile in someone shoes to understand them, unfortunately you can't. I've seen enough signs to know there's a force, source, that which we've named God.

But if I say to you "I know", your reply will be, "You think you know", "I know I know", you say "You think you know you know, it is just your imagination" and so on...

When someone finds God, (Christianity calls this saved or born again) you actually feel God, it is like love, you can't see it but you feel it. That is why all the believers are so excited to tell everyone, or save them.

I don't want to convert anyone to any particular religion as they are all paths. My sole purpose or even my souls purpose is to remind you that we are spiritual beings. Certainly not fleshy animals.

Sure, some choose to walk in the flesh, or you could choose to walk in the spirit, it is up to you... free will and all that.

Obviously non believers have their part to play in the master plan, it's a cycle of lost and found.

On the 'fanatic fundamentalist'; it can't be one lifetime and then, if you don't follow Christ, you are doomed. Just think somewhere in God's world there are people who will die without ever having the chance to learn about God's favourite child. How would God judge someone who didn't have a chance?

To think that 'tree inhabiting animals somehow got to this stage without God' that is the fairy tale, sorry but its not logical.

Only a fool would take the Bible literally and unfortunately some do. There is always deeper meaning. It is like the thought behind the thought if that makes any sense.

Much Respect