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Discussion 10 to Talk Back 52
Right Brain Processing

by Thomas J.

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Ritchie Buenviaje wrote:

'allowing that faith to act as a shield against reasoned arguments and criticism'

Just in my defence, may I explain that because I process information in the right side of my brain it is difficult for me to listen to facts or reason!

Attributes of right brain mode include

Having scored in the 100 percentile for visual spatial ability, it is said that I have unusually strong ability spotting patterns in the world around me, compared with me most others lack the creative ability and/or skill to imagine the movement of objects and patterns in time and space.

Now maybe, just maybe I'm a really complicated evolved ape with a lot of theories and ideas about a supreme being that doesn't exist, now that would be quite funny.

As John Doe(the film Seven) put it ' when you want someone to listen you can't just tip them on the shoulder and expect them to listen, you have to hit them with a hammer!!'

Believers in reincarnation include; Origon, Socrates, Plato, Pythagoras and King Solomon before Jesus' lifetime. More current believers include Dr. Carl Lung, Dalai Lama, Dr George Lamsa, Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Dr. Ian Stevenson, George Washington.

Apparently it is quite well known that the Council of Nicca voted to strike the teachings of reincarnation from the Bible. They did this in order to solidify church control. Christ was very opposed to the formation of a church of any kind, or any other kind of ceremonial religion that might enslave man's free will or his struggle for truth.