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Discussion 9 to Talk Back 52
Faith is like a new car without axles

by Ritchie Buenviaje

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This will probably be my last response to this particular subject, not because I have accepted Thomas J's various arguments, but because of the futility in debating someone who clearly does not want to debate and instead wants to "show us the way."

Throughout the Debate & Discourse section of Talk Back 52 and Thomas's other postings on this website, it can be clearly seen that Thomas makes his arguments by choosing particular bits of observed data to support his position, as opposed to making conclusions from the amalgamation of observed data. Or, to put it in a less nuanced way, Thomas is putting the cart before the horse.

Having faith is one thing, but allowing that faith to act as a shield against reasoned arguments and criticism only serves to undermine the position of faith because the defense essentially whittles down to the concept of "just because." If the existence of "God" is supported only by blind faith and "cart before horse" arguments, then it may be time to sit down and resolve these weaknesses in yourself before trying to sell the rest of us on a tenuous concept.

In conclusion, I leave you with a hastily thought up analogy, in homage to Thomas:

"Faith is like a new car without axles, you can turn the car on, but it won't get you anywhere."