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Discussion 8 to Talk Back 52
Just another piece of the jigsaw

by Thomas J

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I appreciate and understand that your (Julie's and Ritchie's) knowledge / experience of science is more adept than mine personally. The bus wasn't meant to represent science. I believe in science and respect/trust it, to the extent that it is there for a reason. I didn't mean to suggest that faith could cure illnesses although with the right amount of positive consciousness, I do believe it could.

The 21 grams issue is not my evidence for a soul. To me it's just another piece of the jigsaw. The only evidence I have is my own intuition, instinct or sixth sense as some would say.

Julie said 'let her travel her own path... but your way may not be right for everyone' totally agree Julie. Did you ever read Aesop's fable of the city mouse and the country mouse? The one difference we all have in common is we're all different and unique. I heard we each have different eyes?

Anyway just sharing my perceptions.

I believe in the universalist view, reincarnation till the soul is ready to go home (where the heart is). Reincarnation can be linked to the bible, which would lead me to believe that all religions are interconnected. I don't believe any parent (God) would send their children to an eternal hell if they misbehaved while playing. Instead the punishment is received while on earth... cause and effect, get what you give, what goes around comes around, do onto other as you would have them do onto you, basically karma. But when you go home (heaven) you will receive unconditional love from your parents (God). So in theory each path leads to the divine.

Paradise lies within!

One could say faith is taking the first step when you don't see the whole staircase.

God is a drug, once it gets a hold of ya, that's it you're addicted!

God bless


Just to add, the films Ritchie meantioned (Shrek) and (X-Men) - mutants also have messages from God about inner beauty. The mutants could be viewed as outcast members of society being rejected for being different. Didn't see the other film Dr Dolittle, but I'm sure if I see it I will see God because God IS ALL I see.