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Discussion 5 to Talk Back 52
Science and logic are blinding you

by Thomas J

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Many thanks Julie for your opinion/knowledge on the evolution of our species but science and logic are blinding you from the illusion. No disrespect as it wasn't long ago that I to was a skeptic. Indeed I was lost and now I am found! I have undoubting faith and am sure we each have a soul!

I've been told that when each person dies the body weight decreases by 21 grams exactly, each person. Please explain for me since I'm only an ignorant evolved ape.

Science is holding the world back from a spiritual revolution which we need. In any case science can't explain all. How does a homing pigeon find it's way home?(still unexplained) Don't put all your faith in science!

For you to understand God you must think outside of the box. As you grow in understanding of God you must see the abstract God.

An elderly lady is waiting at the bus stop. A passer-by tries to help her across the road but she refuses. Again he attempts but she insists on getting the bus. At the third attempt she get angry so he departs. It takes 'two to tango', firstly there must be the messenger and secondly a willing recipient. So do you want to cross the road or get the bus??

I might have the key but you still have to find the door... or maybe I could show you the door but you still have to walk through it.

Besides the abstract God, have you not been shown ample proof of God's existence through literature, music and dreams. I guess some people prefer to get the bus!!

Films in which you see God - the life of David Gale - Groundhog Day - I Robot - The Matrix.

Books to read - the alchemist by Paulo Coelho (all his books) - the power of kabbalah - Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch - the Dalai Lama (any) - the bible - and my favourite book of all so full of meaning.. the dictionary!!