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Discussion 4 to Talk Back 52
Re: God is like the internet...

by Julie DiMauro

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In reply to Thomas J;

"Sorry Ritchie for my ignorance of the workings of the internet. Maybe you could apologise for your ignorance of the workings of the universe!!"

You can learn to use the Internet through exploration, or check out one of the computer books from the "...For Dummies" series. To assume that one can do the same for the entire workings of the Universe is imbecilic. No matter what your faith tells you of how the Universe works, you can't know any better than the rest of us.

"If this is true we have no souls / spirits."

That, like the existence of a god, is unknowable, and I suppose would also depend on just what one means by the concept of a "soul." If there is no god, and there are no souls...we seems to be doing just fine without them.

"Yes people we are just evolved educated apes!!"

Well, no. Apes and humans are two separate branches of the Hominoidea superfamily of primates, having common early ancestors. Homo sapiens and earlier species of the genus "Homo" (such as the now-extinct Homo habilis, Homo erectus, and Homo neanderthalensis, among others) are all distant descendents from land-based hominid primates known as Australopithecines.

Millions upon millions of years of changes among the hominid species resulted in upright spinal columns and adjusted hips allowing for walking and freedom to use hands for manipulation of objects, and cranial changes to accommodate larger brain mass. They made the first tools of stone and wood, eventually and then came your skyscrapers and your Internet.

Since your point in your rant was, at best unclear, if at all stated, I am going to assume that you mean to suggest that humans are unlikely to have gone from tree-inhabiting (although, it was over 5 million years ago since humans' ancestor species moved out of the trees and onto the plains) primates to technologically-advanced beings without the intervention of a god. Is that what you meant to imply?

Are you suggesting that without the intervention of a god, the people you've listed (Muhammed Ali, Bob Marley, and Eminem, for some reason) could not have become accomplished individuals?

I don't think we ought to rely on a god to do our work for us, Thomas. It distresses me to hear that you have so little faith in humanity. It also baffles me to hear that you think the Internet is magic, though I realize you're being facetious. That comment was either incoherent or ignorant.