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Discussion 7 to Talk Back 49
Equating Nazi belief to Christian teaching is a no-go

by Anthony DeLucchi

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I cannot imagine how a God that chooses favourites and then forces them to suffer can *not* be considered cruel.

Julie, the first part of your post deals with The Law, and this took place in the Old Testament, I cannot or will not defend this.

The equating of Nazi belief to parallel Christian teaching is a no-go, National Socialism takes nothing from Christian Teaching, read Mein Kampf and see Hitler's opinion of any religion. Slavery is something inherited by Christianity not "endorsed" by Christianity. In the defence of Christians I will reiterate that it is the Christian who shed the shackles of slavery. Slavery is still alive and well in the Islamic world and other eastern cultures. You also make reference to the past extremes of Christianity, no, I cannot defend this either, but history proves that man, albeit Christian man has learnt much from his earlier excesses and modern Christian man, his belief is still the same as it always was, but his understanding of this belief has grown. I will also repeat as I said earlier, no-where in the Bible does God encourage ME, to kill or avenge any insult directed at Him, all I am instructed to do is worship God, keep His commands and serve those around me. What more do we actually ask of ourselves?