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Discussion 5 to Talk Back 49
Why does god allow these things?

by Julie DiMauro

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I have difficulty finding the words to express how appalled I was to read Mr. DeLucci’s comments in reply to Susann.  The following are just some of the points I take issue with.

1.  “No-where in any biblical writing does God encourage us to kill in His name or assume responsibility for any insult directed at God by a non-believer God does not need us to fight His battles for him nor does God need us to judge the actions of men.”

A few examples of Biblical passages in which God commands “righteous” violence:

2.  “…but think of it, it was the Christian nations which eventually put an end to slavery.”

3.  “…Nazi’s were not very publicly Christian where they?”

4.  “And in hindsight, it was prophesized that the Hebrews would one day call their land Israel and for this to happen certain events had to take place to convince them of their destiny, oh you would say this is a cruel God.”