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Discussion 4 to Talk Back 49
Why does god allow these things?

by Anthony DeLucchi

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If there is a God what makes you think he's loving and merciful? – Susann

Why does god allow these things?

As far as man’s excesses go He does not, man does. We cannot blame God for the evil that man does. We do this all on our own even the evil we commit in the name of God cannot be put at the feet of God. No-where in any biblical writing does God encourage us to kill in His name or assume responsibility for any insult directed at God by a non-believer God does not need us to fight His battles for him nor does God need us to judge the actions of men. As far as natural disasters, well, God is definitely not a fairy godmother with a magic wand. Why do natural disaster happen? The earth moves, and when the earth moves things happen, this is natural, how many natural disasters did God prevent? Smile, all those that did not happen, but there can be no record of this can there? Come now you speak so vehemently against slavery, slavery was a concept which you or I cannot comprehend. Yes the Southerners were Christians who supported slavery, and the Northerners were Christians who abhorred this. I do not think it was as simple as this. The British Empire outlawed slavery in 1834, the royal navy actively stopped the deportation of slave ships in the Atlantic. The Arab world (Ottoman Empire) made it a business of selling slaves to the Portuguese and Spanish entrepreneurs, what did God do? Nothing I suppose, but think of it, it was the Christian nations which eventually put an end to slavery. The holocaust, the concentration camps, God allowed it, I suppose so, although the Nazi's were not very publicly Christian where they? And in hindsight, it was prophesized that the Hebrews would one day call their land Israel and for this to happen certain events had to take place to convince them of their destiny, oh you would say this is a cruel God. No Susann we are really in no position to question God or what He allows or disallows fact is we cannot comprehend the wisdom of God, first off God is forever we are not and as the philosopher said "....if in China a butterfly flapped his wings, there will be a cyclone in Florida."