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Re: If You Were to Die Today...

by Andrew Eddinger

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As far as what you've posted, I say what any of us would say: prove it. Prove that any of it is actually true. You said "ask yourself where you would go if you were to die ". Well, I think I'm going nowhere. Snuffed out like a candle, once the lack of oxygen stops the metabolic processes in my brain I think I will cease to exist. If you believe that something different is going to happen when you die, then show us the slightest iota of proof of your claim.

Oh yes: the Bible, being part of your belief system, doesn't count as proof. The fact of the matter is that there is no objective evidence that Jesus of Nazareth actually existed, no contemporary historian makes any mention of him, he does not appear in any Roman records of the time. If you want us to believe in your "savior", show us some proof that he actually lived and did the things claimed of him.

Good luck - you'll need it!