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Discussion 5 to Talk Back 38
Re: Batman's existence

by Wes Herche

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I’d like to start by quoting a comment each from the originator of this thread, and a commenter:

“that's your proof. God exist; you're talking about God and you have your position to negate God. And the other people have their position to substantiate God. So. God is in existence. God is reality.”

---Margaret Opine

“However Margaret, talking, discussing and in general thinking about god is no proof of god's existence. If that was the case, then we could be absolutely certain that Batman exists.”

---Teofilo Contreras

I’d like to say: not so fast Teofilo…. We can’t be certain that Batman exists until Batman is negated. So here forth I vehemently deny the existence of a Batman! Later I hope that someone will “substantiate” Batman so that we can rest assured that Batman is both “existence” and “reality”. Once that is finished I am going to declare holy jihad against all of you Robin-worshipping heretics. BE FOREWARNED!!!!