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Discussion 17 to Talk Back 26
Irrelevant if it's the oldest book

by: Esther

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I agree with Michael. Whether the bible is the oldest book is a question that is completely irrelevant to our faith. Nowhere in the bible is there a claim that the bible is the oldest book. It will be cool if it is, but it doesn't matter if it is not.

As for what JT said about finding it hard to believe in the bible when others make many statements about it that are untrue. I understand your concern. But faith is a personal matter. It is between you and God. Don't let Amber or other people distract you from the truth. Many Christians don't know what they believe in. It is sad, but true. Read the bible yourself, debate with the real authority (God) and not ignorant people like us (I don't want to use the word "ignorant", but in many cases, we are).