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Discussion 15 to Talk Back 26
Address the issue you raised!

by: JT

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Address the issue!

What specifically is factually wrong with the article you criticized?

You have consistently not done that.

Can you? You cannot – because regardless of your religious beliefs, there is absolutely nothing in the article “The Oldest Book in the World” which is contrary to genuine Christian belief.

Now – either address the issue directly or don’t bother replying with your deliberate gratuitous insults. Apparently you think it is alright to initiate correspondence with someone for the sole purpose of calling him ignorant just because you happen disagree with him, even though you are clearly incapable of backing up your questionable point.. If I told you what I truly thought about you and that particular thought process you lay claim to (which has nothing to do with your religious beliefs - and is in fact counter to the Christianity you claim to follow), you might have cause to feel insulted in return.

But I have not done that.. The "confused" was your term, which I simply chose to agree with as the most charitable way to view your initial message.

Either back up your unfounded claim that the article in question was "ignorantly written"or admit you are wrong. The Bible is not the oldest book in the world. To claim it is the oldest book is contrary to both Jewish and Christian[1] theology – which I clearly know a lot more about that you do.

This is the third time I've clearly made this request which relates directly to the opening sentence of your initial contact, and not once have you tried to address it.


  1. Actually, there is a possible Christian argument based on John 1.1, based on a claim that the Word is (among other things) The Bible. But in terms of this discussion, we are considering a real world text document rather than a concept in a hypothetical deity's mind.